Diversified routes to market and product offering.

Brands portfolio

  • Strong, separate identities.
  • Revenue generation and growth across all six brands.
  • Numerous opportunities to leverage brands for enhancement of earnings.
  • Combined 750 years of collective history.

Exceptional people

  • Experienced leadership team in place.
  • Strong focus on investing in and developing our 868 employees.
  • Teams based in various locations to ensure strategy is in line with localised requirements/trends. These locations include the UK, US, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Canada, Dubai, South Korea and China.

Innovation and design

  • Customer centric approach to strategy.
  • Innovation and design is the heart of our business model.

Operational excellence

  • Factories in the UK (2 sites).
  • Distribution centres in the UK, US and Canada. We also direct ship from suppliers where appropriate to reduce shipping costs and lead times.
  • Significant ongoing investment in operational efficiency and capability projects.


  • Low operational gearing.
  • Strong focus on operating profit margin.
  • Commitment to sustainable dividend policy.


For shareholders

Value is delivered by dividend payments and capital appreciation.



dividends paid and proposed per share.

For Customers

Excellent customer insight and fulfilment capabilities have enabled us to effectively grow.

DURING 2022:


of sales in our core UK and US markets were made via online channels.

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For people and our local communities

The successful execution of our business model and strategy provides additional employment opportunities within our local communities and long-term career development for our existing employees.


employees across the world.

For the environment

We strive for operational excellence whilst reducing environmental impact.

Over half

of Wax Lyrical energy was generated by wind turbine.

Our Commitment to ESG

Customer centric – diversified product offering

  • Diversified customer base.
  • Omni‑channel and Geographical.
  • Tableware, Serve-ware and Gifting.
  • Home Fragrance.

Diversified inward supply chain

  • Operational excellence, focus on sustainability.
  • In 2022, 38% of products sold were manufactured in our own UK factories. The remaining 62% sold were sourced from various locations around the world.

Innovative products

  • Opportunities for growth in new and existing markets.
  • Innovative products launched reflect current consumer requirements. Price point is in line with competing brands.

Routes to market

  • Brand identities are separate and strong routes to market are led by customer requirements. A growth in digital has been long predicted and internal investment, alongside market trend, has resulted in significant growth.